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Shower Diverter Repair and Installation Service Expert Home Services Plumbing and HVAC in Passaic-Bergen-Morris-Essex counties NJ-USA

Shower Diverter Repair and Installation 

As shower diverter specialists, we perform all types of repairs and installations for homes and businesses in Passaic, Bergen, Morris, and Essex, counties.


Why Choose Our Shower Diverter Services?

Certainly, we use high-quality parts and guarantee our workmanship, ensuring long-lasting results.


Shower Valve Replacement

Of course, our professionals can install new shower valves for better performance and water conservation.


Bath Spout Diverter Repair

Indeed, we can fix the diverter in your bath spout, so you can switch between the tub and shower easily.


Handheld Shower Head Installation

More importantly, we can install a handheld diverter for greater flexibility and convenience in your shower.


Our Repair Process

Firstly, we diagnose the problem and explain the solution, then provide an upfront estimate.


Shower Control Valve Repair

Specifically, we can repair or replace your shower control valve for proper water flow and temperature control.


Shower Flow Control Valve Installation

Particularly, we can install a shower flow control valve to reduce water waste and lower your utility bills.


Shower Selector Valve Replacement

Including, we can replace a faulty shower selector valve, allowing you to switch between showerheads with ease.


Upgrade Your Shower with Our Diverter Valve Services

To illustrate, At expert Home Services we offer a range of diverter valve services to improve the functionality and appearance of your shower.


Shower Transfer Valve Installation

For instance, we can install a shower transfer valve to divert water to different showerheads or body sprays.


Shower Switch Valve Repair

In other words, we can repair a shower switch valve, allowing you to control the water flow between your shower and tub.


Dual Shower Valve Upgrade

To clarify, we can upgrade your shower with a dual shower valve, providing separate controls for water flow and temperature.


How to Maintain Your Diverter

In fact, regular cleaning of your diverter can help prevent clogs and leaks.


Shower control valve

Of course, it’s important to use a mild cleaning solution to avoid damaging the finish of your diverter.


Shower switch valve

Surely, checking for any loose or worn-out parts can help prevent further damage to your diverter.